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Gables estate looking south-east from Headley Road This page offers information of potential interest to residents, whether flat owners, or Tenants renting the flat from an owning Landlord.
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Water supply

Each flat is supplied through its own water meter.  The water meter is located below the pavement in front of the flat concerned, in the central courtyard outside the property.  Most of the meters are in groups of two or three, located under plastic access covers.  The relevant flat number is marked below the cover.

Alongside each meter is the external stopcock.  This will cut off all water to the flat.  The meter and external stopcock are the responsibility of the water supply company, but the user is entitled to turn off the stopcock in case of necessity.

Within each flat, usually within the airing cupboard, there will be an internal stop-cock.  Residents are recommended to familiarise themselves with the position of this stop-cock and to check periodically that it can be freely turned on and off.  If the water supply is turned off for any length of time, it is important also to turn off the immersion heater(s) - one or two - located on the hot-water storage tank.

All pipework, taps, tanks and water systems within the building and serving a specific flat are the responsibility of the flat owner.

Water supply tariff is based on a fixed periodic charge for the supply, plus a further charge for each cubic meter used. For current prices, call the supply company (see Contacts page).


Main Drains

The property is connected to the main drains.  The water supply tariff (see above) covers both water supply and sewerage charges.

Flat owners are responsible for maintaining and clearing blockages in sections of pipes and drains which exclusively serve their particular flat.


Rubbish Disposal

The local authority requires rubbish to be sorted and placed in the correct bin:

  1. BLACK BINS - RECYCLING.  Materials should be clean, dry and loose (NOT in plastic bags).
    • Catalogues and Directories (but not those printed on yellow-dyed paper - "Yellow Pages").
    • Newspapers and Magazines.
    • Cardboard, Card and envelopes.
    • Food and Drink cans (please rinse).
    • Plastic bottles (please rinse and flatten where possible).

    However, NO "Tetra-pak" drink cartons, NO plastic bottle caps, NO shredded paper, plastic bags or thin plastic food containers - all these go in the green land-fill bin.

    The communal black recycling containers are in the compound next to the front block of flats.  Bin lids must be properly closed - not over-full.  They are emptied at two-week intervals.

  2. BLUE BINS - GLASS BANK.  Glass bottles and jars should be rinsed and deposited in one of the two bottle bank units located beside the entrance driveway against the front block of flats.  The bottle banks are emptied at four-week intervals.
  3. GREEN BINS - LAND FILL.  Basically, for all other items of normal domestic waste.
    • Food scraps should be double-wrapped to minimise odour, particularly in hot weather
    • NO garden waste, soil, rubble, oil, paint or chemicals, clinical waste, scrap metal, hot ashes, poisonous or noxious waste, recyclables, commercial, industrial or trade waste.

    The communal green land-fill containers are in the compound next to the front block of flats.  Bin lids must be properly closed - not over-full.  They are emptied at two-week intervals.

Rubbish is currently collected on Friday mornings - in alternate weeks there is a recycling/glass collection and a land-fill collection.  Please contact the local authority if you want to know the next date.

The local authority encourages people to take items such as garden waste and textiles to one of their Recycling Centres, rather than send them for land-fill.  Items too large to fit in the communal bins, or hazardous in any way MUST be removed to a domestic Waste Recycling Centre, for example:

  • Bulky items such as furniture, televisions and fridges.
  • Metal items such as bicycles and cookers.
  • Hazardous waste such as paint, batteries and flourescent lamps.
  • Car batteries and engine oil.
  • Large packaging materials.

There is a Glass Bank in Grayshott and Textile Banks at Lindford and Liphook.  The nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre is at Bordon - (01420) 488931.  This is open seven days a week from 08:00 a.m until 07:00 p.m.  More detail on what can and cannot be recycled is provided on this link to EAST HAMPSHIRE COUNCIL.

Note that the rubbish containers on the estate are shared between all the flats.  Contractors employed by the local authority may refuse to clear containers which are over full (lid not fully closed) or which clearly contain the wrong items.  If this leads to the need for a special rubbish collection, the cost of this is met in the first instance by GMC(G), but will be passed on to identified offenders.


Electricity supply

Each flat is supplied through its own electricity meter.  Most of these are located in a cupboard with a white plastic door just outside the entrance door of the flat.  The meters and co-located main fuses are the responsibility of the electricity supply company.

Each flat is provided with one or more consumer units or fuse boxes, located within the flat.  These units and all electrical wiring and accessories within the flat are the responsibility of the flat owner.

Electricity supply to the common areas of the estate (eg. staircase lighting, door entry-phone system) is supplied through separate electricity meters and fuses in each block.  Electrical systems and wiring in the common areas are the responsibility of GMC(G).


Gas supply

There is no gas supply to the estate.


Entry Phone

Each block on the estate is provided with an Entry Phone system.  A numbered call button on the unit by the external front door rings the Entry Phone in the flat.  The caller and resident can then speak to each other.  The resident can press the door-release button on the entry phone to unlook the external front door.

The front door is only released while the button is being pressed.  It is normally necessary to keep it pressed for several seconds to give the caller a chance to push the door.

Some flats have an Entry Phone with two buttons.  On these, the right-hand button releases the front door lock.  The other (left-hand) button has no function.

The common parts of the Entry Phone system are the responsibility of GMC(G).  However, if the internal telephone requires replacement, the cost is the responsibility of the flat owner.


Television signal

There is a central television aerial and distribution amplifier system, connected to one or more aerial sockets in each flat.

The communal TV signal is received from the Hannington transmitter (between Basingstoke and Newbury), which since February 2012 transmits only digital (ie. “Freeview”) signals.  These contain more than eighty TV and radio channels, which can be received on a digital TV receiver, or through a “set-top box”.

There are six Freeview digital multiplex signals:  These are on channels 40, 41, 43, 44, 46 and 50.

The common parts of the TV signal distribution system are the responsibility of GMC(G).  However, any problems with the aerial cable or socket(s) for individual flats are the responsibility of the flat owner.  Residents must, of course, ensure that they obtain a TV licence.



Under the Smoke-Free Regulations (2006), smoking is prohibited in the common areas of the flats (lobbies and stairs).  The flats themselves are private dwellings and these regulations do not apply.

Tenants who rent flats may be subject to a restriction on smoking contained in their Shorthold Lease or other terms of agreement between landlord and tenant.


Car Parking

Two private car parking spaces designated with the flat number are provided for each flat, mostly in the car park at the rear of the building.  Resident’s vehicles should be parked only in one of the spaces designated for their flat.

There are four spaces marked "VIS" (visitor) in the central courtyard.  These spaces should be left free whenever possible to accomodate visitors, delivery vehicles and trades people.  They may be used briefly by residents, for example to facilitate loading and unloading goods.


Local Community

Library:  Village Hall, Headley Road.

Police:  Local Police House is in Whitmore Vale Road.  For non-emergency calls, main Police Stations are at Farnham - tel (01252) 716262 - and in Guildford - tel (01483) 571212.

Post Office:  Crossways Road, Grayshott - or in Haslemere.

Restaurants:  Chinese and Indian in Headley Road and Turkish in Crossways Road, all providing restaurant and take-away service.  Take-away fish 'n' chips in Headley Road.

Supermarkets:  There are two small supermarkets in the Headley Road shopping centre.  Large supermarkets in Farnham, Haslemere and Liphook.


Medical Services

Local Surgery:  Boundary Road, off Grayshott Road and about 200m from the property, just beyond the Village Hall - tel (01428) 604343.

Royal Surrey Hospital - tel (01483) 571122.  Full Accident & Emergency facilities.  At Egerton Road, Guildford; about 13 miles (21 km).  Leave the A3 north-bound at the first exit after the Hogs Back and follow A&E signs.

Frimley Park Hospital - tel (01276) 604604.  Full A&E facilities.  At Portsmouth Road, Frimley.  Via Farnham and A331 north until A&E signs can be followed; about 16 miles (26 km).


Public Transport

Bus service:  Route 18 bus service runs along the Headley Road, both towards Haslemere (via Hindhead); and towards Aldershot (via Headley, Whitehill and Farnham).  On Mondays to Saturdays, services in each direction are roughly hourly between about 7:00 a.m and 7:00 p.m.  On Sundays, there are four buses each way at two-hourly intervals between about 10:30 a.m and 4:30 p.m.  Details change.  You can:

  • Check the STAGECOACH COMPANY TIMETABLE.  The bus stop shown in the timetable is "Grayshott - Fox & Pelican".  (Note: After viewing, please use the "Back" button on your browser to return to the Gables web site).  Nearer bus stops can be found along Headley Road;
  • Refer to the timetable at the library; or
  • Call the "Traveline" service on 0871 200 2233 (calls from landlines cost 10p per minute).

Farnham rail station:  On the line between London-Waterloo and Alton.  Half-hourly service (hourly on Sundays) to London-Waterloo via Aldershot and Woking.  Car park adjacent to station.

Haslemere rail station:  On the line from London-Waterloo to Portsmouth.  Fast services to Guildford (change for Reading-Gatwick Airport services) and to central London.  Good car park nearby.



The information contained on this and related pages is provided in good faith to assist flat owners and residents of the Gables estate.  Accuracy is not guaranteed in any way.  You are advised to consult your own qualified legal, financial, property or other advisor before taking any action.


  • Tenants should contact their Landlord or Tenancy Agent in the first instance.
  • Owners should contact the Registered office using the e-mail address or telephone number shown on the Contacts page.