Information to assist conveyancing

Gables estate looking south-east into the central courtyard

This page gives access to information which may be helpful to conveyancing solicitors instructed to act in the purchase or sale of a flat in the Gables Estate and transfer of the related lease.

 General Information booklet
 Transfer of Property
 Abbreviated Unaudited Company Accounts
 Property Insurance
 Service Charge
 Fire Safety Policy
 Asbestos Register
General Information

Extensive information is provided elsewhere on this web site and in particular on the page containing items of special interest to Owners.

In addition, the Gables Management Company (Grayshott) Limited has prepared a General Information booklet which can be supplied on request to owners and their representatives and may provide answers to questions contained in enquiries between parties.

A copy of this booklet can be downloaded here (PDF format - see below).



Transfer of Property

Procedure for assigning the property, including lease and management company membership are handled through the company’s solicitors, Messrs Potter Owtram & Peck LLP - 42 West Street, Haslemere Surrey GU27 2AN.

The Company itself does not charge a premium or fee for transfer of property.  Enquiries about the Company Solicitors’ charges should be directed to them.


Abbreviated Unaudited Company Accounts

The reporting year for the company ends on 30th September.  The annual statutory Report of the Directors of the company, containing the Unaudited Financial Statements, is prepared by the company accountants (A & N Chartered Accountants).  Following approval by the board of directors, the reports are filed at Companies House.

Gables Management Company (Grayshott) Limited was incorporated on 27th May 2005 and acquired ownership of the Gables Estate in May 2006.

Copies of the Abbreviated Unaudited Company Accounts for each of the last ten years ended 30th September can be downloaded here (PDF format - see below).



Service Charge

The level of service charge set for each year to date is shown in the table below.  The Service Charge is normally paid in two equal instalments due respectively on 1st October and 1st April.

The Service Charge demand (and associated Ground Rent demand for flats subject to a 99-year lease) is sent to the owner of each flat as at 1st October and 1st April each year by the Registered Office.  When a flat is sold and bought during a half year, the full half-year payment is due from the person owning the flat on the first day of the half year concerned.  When the buyer and seller agree the completion date, any apportionment of the Service Charge (and Ground Rent) between seller and buyer is a matter for the conveyancing solicitors; the Company is not involved.

Year ended 30th SeptFull Year Service Charge

The service charge for future years is normally set at a management meeting open to all flat owners and held each September.

Items covered within the service charge include:

  • Annual building insurance (see also below).
  • Provision for external decoration at appropriate intervals.
  • Provision for decorating the common areas (stairways and lobbies) at appropriate intervals.
  • Cleaning the common areas.
  • Gardening and maintenance of the grounds.
  • Electricity for the common areas.
  • Maintenance of the TV aerial and central distribution system.
  • Legal costs.
  • Provision for miscellaneous repairs and replacements.

The sinking fund created by the service charge covers planned periodic expenditure.  For information:

  • UPVC double-glazing was installed throughout the estate to external doors and windows in the year 2010.
  • UPVC replacements for timber facias and soffits and new guttering and downpipes were installed in 2013.
  • The last full internal decoration took place in the year 2013.
  • New floor coverings were fitted to common areas and staircases in the year 2013.
  • No substantial works are currently (September 2017) anticipated other than those declared as covered by the reserve fund.


Property Insurance

Property Insurance cover for The Gables estate is provided by UK Insurance Limited ("NIG").  The policy is arranged through CCV Berkeley Alexander, Temple House, 25-26 High Street, Lewes BN7 2SG.  The current insurance expires on 24th May 2024.

The cost of Property Insurance is included within the Service Charge.  A copy of current policy documentation can be downloaded here (PDF format - see below).



Fire Safety Policy

A Fire Risk Assessment reported on 9th January 2015.  The Fire Risk Reduction policy was approved at the AGM on 30th March 2015, comprising:

  • No smoking in communal areas:  Maintenance of statutory No-Smoking notices at each building entrance.  (Note: The statutory smoking ban applies in the communal areas.  Smoking within flats is not restricted because they are private dwellings.)
  • Clear communal areas:  Display of notices in communal areas forbidding storage of items and periodic inspection to confirm compliance.  (Note: Items remaining in communal areas could be a source of, or could sustain fire.  In addition, they could impede emergency evacuation of the building.)
  • Fire Doors:  Periodic inspection of fire doors to confirm correct operation.  Note: Automatically closing fire doors in hallways and landings restrict the spread of fire or smoke through communal areas and thus maximise the opportunity for occupants to reach an building exit in safety.  Front doors of individual flats are also required to be automatically closing fire doors.


Asbestos Register

The Company holds an Asbestos Register, prepared on 18th May 2005 in accordance with the “Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2002”.  The register applies to the common parts and the main structures of residential flats.  A copy of the register can be downloaded here (PDF format - see below).




The information contained on this and related pages is provided in good faith to assist flat owners and residents of the Gables estate.  Accuracy is not guaranteed in any way.  You are advised to consult your own qualified legal, financial, property or other advisor before taking any action.


PDF Documents

Document files which are available for down-load from this page are in “Portable Document Format” (.pdf) format.  They should display and print correctly on the majority of office computer systems installed in the past ten years.  In case of difficulty, however, please contact the Registered Office and request a paper copy.