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A Accountants (contact details)
Accounts (Companies House filings)
Address, postal
Asbestos Register
B Bank Account details
C Car parking
Community services
Company management
Company solicitors (contact details)
Conveyancing solicitors (information for)
D Disclaimer
Disposal of rubbish
E Electricity supply (contact details)
Energy performance certificates
Estate ownership
F Fire Safety
G Gables estate
Gas supply
General Information Booklet (Gables Estate)
Grayshott Village local services & activities
Ground rent
H Hospitals (local - contact details)
I Information Booklet (Gables Estate)
Information for conveyancing solicitors
Insurance information
Insurance policy
L Landlord & Tenant
Lease, Term of
Lessee Responsibilities
Local authority (contact details)
Local community services
M Main drains
Management of the company
Medical services
O Ownership of the estate
P Parking for cars
Phone (entry)
Postal address
Property insurance
Public transport
R Registered Office (contact details)
Report & Accounts (Companies House filings)
Responsibilities of the Lessee
Rubbish disposal
S Service charge
Service charge history
Services (local)
Solicitors (contact details)
Surgery (local - contact details)
T Telephone service (contact details)
Television distribution
Tenancy landlord (contact details)
Tenant & Landlord
Term of Lease
Transfer of Property
Transport (public)
W Waste recycling
Water supply
Water & sewerage (contact details)